Create an Engaging Employee Portal

Your employee portal can be reborn as an engaging and interactive social intranet, where employees enthusiastically contribute content and knowledge is shared throughout the organization. Watch our video overview below and download our free guide to creating an engaging employee portal.


Creating a successful employee portal is about providing an environment where employees connect, share ideas and communicate in a way they're familiar with. This is achieved by incorporating business relevant social functionality into your employee portal – creating a social intranet. 

When people hear the term social functionality, their first thoughts are of Facebook and Twitter. A social intranet leverages the networking and collaboration features of these platforms, to improve employee engagement and productivity. 

Employee Portal Features

Celebrate Employee Achievements

An engaging employee portal is all about the people. Success should be celebrated and employees recognized for their achievements. This is achieved through positive feedback, comments and Likes on activity feed posts.

Meaningful Employee Profiles

Employee profiles should feature meaningful information to help understand the role they play in the organization. When searched via a Staff Directory, employees with specific expertise can be quickly found and assigned to project teams.

Content & Knowledge Sharing

Empower employees to easily add content and share knowledge. Your organization benefits immensely, as knowledge becomes readily available and distributed amongst all employees, rather than selected individuals.

Creating an Engaging Employee Portal Guide

Download our free guide

Our Creating an Engaging Employee Portal Guide offers useful tips for creating an engaging employee portal and social intranet.

This free guide will help you understand the best way to inspire and empower employees to use your employee portal to get their work done efficiently and effectively.

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Creating an Engaging Employee Portal

About Employee Portals & Intranet DASHBOARD

The Creating an Engaging Employee Portal Guide offers insightful information for increasing employee engagement and converting your employee portal to a social intranet. Social intranet features are part of Intranet DASHBOARD, an industry leading Smart Intranet.

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